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Introducing the first-ever holistic chef portal

01.13.2010 – Cookwork is a new social network focused entirely (and exclusively) on chefs and culinary students. The site, which is the first holistic web portal for chefs, offers culinary professionals a chance to excel at their job by providing support, information,Cookwork screen 1 career opportunities, peer networking, products and services.

A life in food service is not an easy one. It means long hours, missed holidays and weekends and tremendous pressure. It's more than a career, it's a lifestyle.

So, why does one choose this lifestyle?

"Because they love food. There's no greater happiness for a chef than someone who enjoys what they've prepared," says Mário Braz de Matos, Cookwork co-founder.

Cookwork was designed to fit the lifestyle needs of chefs on their terms. The site hosts a recipe database where members can store their recipes in an easily downloadable format--for free. In addition, the sign up process allows members to answer specific questions to further customize their experience.

Cookwork screen 3Launched out of beta July 2009, the site was founded by Mário Braz de Matos, Francisco Loureiro and Michal Schlierer who saw a deficiency in online resources for chefs.

While the three founders have diverse areas of expertise: marketing, technology and, of course, culinary, they share a love of all things food.

"My passion for food is only rivaled by my passion for understanding cultures. The way chefs come up with new menu items and what makes those items successful fascinates me. I also think it’s interesting to see how and what chefs discuss with each other," says Braz de Matos.

is the place to share your knowledge and skill with others in the industry.

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