In Service - Leadership

Volume 3: Issue 1
January 2017

This month, as we focus on leadership, Neal O. Mitchell reminds us:

A mental model represents a psychological representation that the mind uses to understand real and hypothetical situations. A mental model is a sort of small-scale reality that allows people to anticipate events in order to give guidance for planning or simply for understanding. It allows the person reflecting to turn the mirror inward to unearth insights within and bring them to the surface for purposeful scrutiny. (Beyond Business As Usual: Vestry Leadership Development, 25)

Those mental pictures, or metaphors, become our means of understanding how we can both lead and follow in many different arenas. Margaret Benefiel and Geraldine Holton look to the garden:

Gardening, like supervision, is one of my passions and I see many connections between gardening and supervision . . . The contemplative aspect within supervision is the act of cultivating a watchful heart, a reflective presence, and observing without evaluation. When held in such an environment, the supervisory experience can be truly restorative for supervisees as they reconnect with the true self and grow in wisdom as they, in turn, hold the client. (The Soul of Supervision: Integrating Practice and Theory, 5-6)

Charles D. LaFond points us to the skies for direction:

I think of doing solid, effective fundraising as something akin to rescuing people from sure disaster or pointing out a leading star in a dark night sky. In fact, the two are one and the same. The word “disaster” was coined in the Middle Ages by combining two words: dis or “without,” and astron, or “star.” To be “dis-astron” referred both to the danger of a ship at sea that could not see and navigate by the stars in a cloud-covered and stormy sky; and to the star of Bethlehem, which guided humanity to the source of salvation lying in the manger . . . People today suffer a modern spiritual “disaster.” It is rooted in our troubled relationship with money, and it manifests in over-stimulation, over-spending, and good old-fashioned greed. (Fearless  Church Fundraising: The Spiritual and Practical Approach to Stewardship, 26-27)

 What mental pictures feed your vision of leadership?

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