In Service - Summer Reading

Volume 3: Issue 6
June 2017
Summer Reading

I’m a gardener. My mother would find that amusing. Her love of being outside, of “playing in the dirt,” was a source of teasing in my younger years. Now I’m the one who can’t wait for spring and the opportunity to develop my garden.
For this reason and so many more, I’ve loved reading Brian Sellers-Petersen’s new book, Harvesting Abundance: Local Initiatives of Food and Faith. Brian’s book (with beautiful full-color photographs) introduces readers to twenty-four Episcopal-related gardens from California to Connecticut. 
Whether your parish has room for a full garden, space for bee hives, a parking lot crying out for a Saturday morning farmer’s market, a diocesan conference center, or simply an interest in composting tea bags and coffee grounds after Coffee Hour, Harvesting Abundance has a story—engaging and beautifully written—to capture your imagination.
You don’t even have to wash the dirt off your hands before reading.
Read an excerpt
List Price: $16.00

Not a gardener but interested in food and eating? Try these titles from Church Publishing:
GeraniumFarm_150 The Geranium Farm Cookbook
Barbara Cawthorne Crafton and 10,000+ Geranium Farmers

A collection of recipes and lore offered by The Geranium Farmers, the 10,000+ members of the worldwide virtual community of spiritual seekers created by Barbara Cawthorne Crafton. As "farmers" began sharing recipes with each other via the e-mail list and the Geranium Farm website, the idea for a cookbook was born.
9780898695083   List Price: $18.00
FoodFight_150 Food Fight
Struggling for Justice in a Hungry World
Chris Herlinger and Paul Jeffrey

This dramatic work of photojournalism and powerful storytelling describes how the “battle to end hunger” is being won, bit by bit, in places like Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States, through the compassionate work of grass-roots communities of faith involved in anti-hunger efforts.

9781596272668   List Price: $25.00
Keeping the Feast
Metaphors for the Meal
Milton Brasher-Cunningham

"If you’re lucky enough to know Milton Brasher-Cunningham, you’ll know what a miracle he concocts at his kitchen table. This book is the literary version of such a lovely banquet. It is full of grace, generosity, and thoughtfulness about the spirituality of eating. This is a deeply satisfying recipe."
—Gareth Higgins, writer, peace activist, and founding director of the Wild Goose Festival

9780819227898   List Price: $16.00


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